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How much are lessons?

Lessons are £35 for an hour, £28 for 3/4 an hour, and £21 for half an hour. Most of Matt’s students take bookings of an hour a week to hone their skills, especially as it works out cheaper overall.

What styles do you teach?

Matt lets the students choose the songs, so you can sing in whatever style you want. It could be Musical Theatre, Soul, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Heavy Metal, Choral Music… Anything! There are students who sing only country songs, only rock songs, and one student who only sings Beatles songs. Anything you want to sing, you can sing.

Do you teach beginners and advanced singers?

Matt teaches all skill levels – beginners can learn just as quickly as advanced students and he has experience teaching both.

Do you teach both male and female students?

Yes, it doesn’t make a difference whether you’re a girl or a boy – the techniques are still the same.

What times of day do you teach?

There are available slots from Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 10AM to 7PM.

Can I book just one lesson?

You can book lesson by lesson, or via block bookings.

Do you do discounts for block bookings?

Five lessons booked in a row will get you £10 off, making it £165. Ten lessons booked in a row will get you £25 off, making it £325.

How do I pay?

You can pay cash on the day, or pay via cheque and Bank Transfer.

Can I give your lessons as gifts?

Matt can provide you with a set of printed vouchers, so that you can make sure that the person you’re giving the present to has something to open!