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Vibrato: 3 Tips for the Classiest Vocal Trick in the Book

It’s the be-all-and-end-all of classy singing. Absolutely necessary in opera and musical theatre, found throughout most of the Crosby/Sinatra crooner era, and even seeping its way into soul and R&B. That little wiggle on the end of the notes holds so much power and significance in Western music it’s hard to over-state. What is it? […]

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Breathiness: How To Control It And When To Use It

 A couple of times a year, I sit on the judging panel for a couple of national singing competitions. It’s always great fun – you see some awesome singers and get to feel how much potential there is out there. As a judge, you have two pieces of paper in front of you – a […]

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Belting: 2 Tips to Massively Extend Your Chest Voice Range

  Watch this to the end. Trust me. (Or skip to 3:08 if you’re in a rush!) Yep. There you go. How good are those belts? So clean, so strong, so bullishly physical and full of vibrato. That last ‘divine’ is a C#5. David Phelps has got serious game. How does he do it? How […]

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