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Warming Up: 3 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Own Voice


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Breathing for Singing: 3 Reasons Why You’re Doing It Wrong


It’s your first lesson. You’re all geared up to sing – your mind is already unpicking melodies and charting out the toughest sections. And suddenly your teacher says: “We’re going to start by looking at breathing.” What? Why? Why focus on something which appears to have absolutely nothing to do with how I sing? 1. […]

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‘I Can’t Do This Any More’ – 2 Reasons Why Sometimes You Just Can’t Sing


It happens to everyone. Perhaps you’ve been singing with consummate ease for a long time. Perhaps you’ve never been able to sing extraordinarily, but you take pride in what voice you have. Some days you’ll wake up and it just… Will. Not. Work. Damn it. Maybe if you’re feeling charitable, you’ll put this down to […]

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In Times Of Crisis: What Is Vocal Health?

I address you currently in great distress – I’ve been off sick from work all week with the flu, which has now contorted itself into proper laryngitis. My head voice is all shot and I’m on a 24 hour complete vocal rest. In fact, if I were to address you it would be in a […]

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